Do’s and Don’ts While Surfing

Without a doubt surfing is an enjoyable sport but is also a dangerous sport. It is important that one knows everything about it regarding the safety measures before venturing into the ocean.

Here is a list of what you should and what you should not be doing.


Show respect to the local surfers if you are a visitor to the surfing destination.
Always make sure you surf in areas approved by the local lifeguards as these are safe.
Learn how to protect yourself when faced with a wipe-out.

Learn to apologise in case you break any rule.
Cooperate with other surfers giving them space.
Observe the waves. Understand that the surfer on the wave has more importance on the than the one paddling out.

Get in shape so that you don’t exhaust yourself in the middle of the ocean
Surf as much as you can to practice as the more time you spend on the waves the better you get.
Use a leash to make sure you don’t lose your board as it may hit others if you can’t control it.

Be aware of other surfers around you to evade accidents and injuries.
Don’t be ashamed of admitting to your limits and abilities.
Have loads of fun.


Do not hesitate once inside the ocean. Be confident and perform the sport with the right decisions.
Do not let go off your board no matter what. It is natural to get tired and let it off but it is important that you have the leash on so that your board stays close to you and does not hit anyone paddling behind you.

Never dishonour a line up. Always respect other surfers around you and get to the wave in a systematic and patient manner.

Don’t panic if you find yourself stuck in a wipe out or a rip. Use your presence of mind and keep paddling perpendicular to the current.

Never go too close to other surfers as it may be dangerous to you and the other surfers.
Don’t spend too long on a single wave as there are other surfers too waiting to ride the wave.
Never drop in. Dropping in refers to catching a wave that already has a surfer riding it.

Never dress up if you are not a expert. Wear colours that show your level of ability to avoid any kind of misunderstanding while on the ocean.

Enjoy surfing while keeping these rules in mind to maximise your fun and safety. As they, practice makes you perfect. So surf as much as you can on waves suiting your abilities to have a progressive learning curve.

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