Surf Spots

Let The Waves Be Your Path

Surfing is a popular water sport where a person rides the waves on surfboards. It is one of the most thrilling water sports. Enjoy surfing under a pristine sky with the majestic ocean under your feet. But before you start it is important that you know the basics about it.

The Basic Knowledge You Should Have About Surfing


The whole sport revolves around balancing yourself well on the surfboard. Begin with practicing to maintain balance on the surfboard on the sands first. You should be confident then to face the waves.

One wave at a time

Beginners should start with small waves initially before moving on the higher waves at the expert level.

Choose the right surf board

Do your homework before you invest in a surf board. Buy one keeping your height, weight and experience in mind. The board should not be too long or too short as it might interfere with the balance.

Choose the right time

Make sure you go surfing keeping in mind the time and weather factor. Choose a timing with the perfect weather for surfing and make sure you don’t venture out in the ocean during dark hours.

Enrol yourself at a surfing school

It is always a good idea to enrol yourself in a surfing school so that you get the right knowledge about surfing techniques and related topics. Compare the options you have and choose the best one to surf the right way.

Know what paraphernalia you need

It is important that you have the right paraphernalia to surf for safety reasons so that you can enjoy the sport to the maximum.

Get to know the place

It is important you know the geography of the spot you choose very well to make the sport more enjoyable with minimum efforts because you don’t want to spend your energy in unnecessary paddling.

Prepare your body for surfing

Surfing sure is fun but it also needs your body to expend a lot of energy. Increase your stamina and body strength. Get in shape before you hit the ocean.

Observe and Learn

Make an effort to stay calm and focussed and observe other surfers. Observing also will help you learn from others’ techniques and also their mistakes.

Learn surf manners

You will always find yourself surfing with many people so you need to respect their space to avoid accidents and to make it a fun for everyone around you. Try to learn the norms and rules of the unofficial surfers’ community around you to ensure that you have a good time with others.

Surfing can be addictive because of the thrills it offers. It is sport so passionate and followed by many that it has its own unique regional communities. Go ahead and get your adrenaline pumping with surfing. However, make sure you surf keeping in mind the safety rules and tips.

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