Recent Surfing Champs

As everyone knows, surfing is an interesting game to watch and enjoy. It requires a lot of practice to attain the excellence or to win a championship in surfing. Such a risky task performed by riding on waves is also enjoyed thoroughly by the surfer. The surfer is the one who enjoys the life in water more than those watching him.

In general, when we think of a surfer, automatically the picture of a male flashes in front of our eyes. The truth however, pleasantly differs. We have great surfers like Layne Beachley, Lisa Anderson, Keala Kennelly as female champions in surfing. Plenty of good and promising surfers are found in Australia, Hawaii, California, and many more shore-lying regions.

Let us see some of the recent surfers who have won championships in their surfing career.

Mick Fanning

In 2013 Billabong Pipeline Masters, Mick Fanning in the last breathing minutes of his Quarterfinal heat, which was played against Yadin Nicol. He needed a near perfect point/score. On Pipe’s third reef a huge set break. And a minute passed, Mr. Mick swigged into one stalled and came out with the spit.

The judges faced a huge level of expectation regarding the results. Yes, Mick will never forget the last 30 seconds of the game; it was his life to breathe. At last he got the score and won the championship.

John Florence

Today John Florence has claimed his third consecutive Volcom Pipe Pro title at the Banzai Pipeline. He is a 20 year old surfing talent reputed for his reliability with which he offers world class performance even in the face of ocean and competitive opponents. His is in pursuit of the 2013 ASP World Title.

Rhys Burrows

Rhys Burrows, who is an Australian, won the Gold medal in surfing. He also enjoys the credit of championship on 2014 World Standup Paddleboard championship. He has also done various adventurous tasks like racing in the wonderful islands. One of his remarkable achievements is that he has crossed Nicaragua Lake which is an 18 kilometers stretch in just a couple of hours.

Jordan Mercer

Jordan Mercer is the surfer who is only 16 and has a unique signature in surfing ground. Probably she is one of the youngest and most shining talents in surfing. She also won the 2014 World Standup Paddleboard championship in a very short time. It motivates this hardy athlete, as Mercer went on to become the youngest champion of the 52 kilo meters Molokai to Oahu paddle race.

Sunny Garcia

Sunny Garcia is from Hawaii who is an energetic surfer and is very well known for his surfing career. He has performed in various risky games and won the war in the surfing battle. An important information here is that Garcia is the second surfer who was awarded $1million as prize money.

The prize itself speaks about his hard work and competency in surfing. He also won the championship in 2013 World Masters Surfing Championship.

Yes, surfing is not only a game but is in fact the life for the surfers which could be remarkably changed according to their surfing performances.

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