What equipment do you need to wakesurf? Everything for your experience

Wakesurfing is fun and with the right equipment, it becomes more entertaining. To wakesurf, you need a number of things. Let’s discuss one by one what equipment you need to wakesurf. Wakesurf equipment can be divided into two categories: compulsory and optional equipment.

Compulsory Equipment:

Wakesurfing is impossible without them. Missing any one of these means you are not going to wakesurf today. You need all of the equipment mentioned below to get going.

A Wakesurf Boat

For the wakesurf, it is obvious to have a boat. You don’t need an ocean to wakesurf but you need a boat to generate waves. However, it is important to remember that you cannot wakesurf behind every boat. There are special wakesurf boats to give you the perfect wakesurfing experience.  An ill-equipped boat for wakesurfing can lead to injuries and even death. 

Only inboard boats like V drives and direct drives are recommended for wakesurfing. They are ideal because the propeller is present beneath the boat and not behind it to tangle the rope. On the other hand, boats having outboard motors or sterndrive propulsion must not be used for wakesurfing. In these boats, propellers are present at the back of the boat and may cause injury to the wakesurfer. It is better for the rider that the propeller remains away from the riding area. 

Exhaust positioning also matters as it will be responsible for carbon monoxide poisoning if not present beneath the boat and away from the rider. It is not safe to ride with the exhaust facing the wakesurfer.. 

So, it is recommended to only go for the boats that are specially designed to meet the needs of wakesurfing. 

A Wakesurf Board

After the boat, the most important piece of equipment is your board. There is no definition of the right wakesurf board. Selecting the one depends mainly on the personal choice of the rider and skill level. Mainly, there are three kinds of wakesurf boards: skim, surf, and hybrid. 

Skim style wakesurf boards 

With a thinner profile and symmetrical shape from one end to another, these types of boards have less volume overall which makes them perfect for tricks. They are shorter with smaller fins. Skim style wakesurf boards are perfect for advanced players as they are more maneuverable. However, you will not be getting a fuller speed with these boards. 

Surf style wakesurf boards

Having a more rounded edge profile with multiple layers, these boards are more floaty and stable. They are known for their power and drive due to their increased size. Their big size makes these boards ideal for beginners and heavy riders. Also, their buoyancy adds more speed to them.

Hybrid wakesurf boards

These boards give you the best of both worlds by combining the top qualities of the skim style board and a surf style board. These boards are very forgiving and allow multiple riding styles. They are maneuverable like the skim style boards and speedy like surf style boards. 

Tow Rope 

The next thing you need is a rope. Different rope sizes are available. The longer size allows you to perform better tricks as it is away from the boat, thus, it is ideal when you want to maneuver at your best. On the other hand, shorter ropes are for beginners. 

The rope must have the following characteristics. It must remain lightweight when wet and have a lighter handle. The rope should not be very porous to absorb water. The length of 20’ to 26’ is ideal depending on the rider’s requirement.

Life Jackets

No matter how well you can swim, a life jacket or vest is the most necessary wakesurfing gear. There are very sleek life jackets available today as well. Go for the jacket or vest that fits perfectly as it will keep you completely mobile and allow your head to float above the water. 


What you are going to wear marks your first level of comfort. So, your bathing suit must be very comfy and fit you right. Your clothes must not hinder your maneuvering abilities. 

Optional Equipment:

 You can use the following optional equipment to enhance your wakesurfing experience:

Fat Sacs

Wakesurf boats have a ballast tank to add weight to them so they sit down in the water. The deeper the boat is in the water, the more powerful wake it creates. Therefore, to make waves even bigger, you can use fat sacs. Put these sacs in the stern storage compartment and add water to increase the weight of the boat. When you use fat sacs, you also need a portable fat sac pump. It is necessary to fill and empty the fat sacs. The electronic pumps just take a few minutes to completely fill or empty the sac. 

Ballast weight bags can also be used instead but you need to add heavy metals to the bag. But fat sacs are easy to empty when you are not wakesurfing. 

Wakesurf Shaper

A wakesurf shaper is also called a wakesurf wedge. You can use it to boost the wave quality. Start without a wakesurf shaper and only use it when it is necessary. 

Security Flag

The security flag is not necessary everywhere but is recommended to use when there’s a lot of boat traffic while wakesurfing. When you are in the water,it tells other boats about your position.


Sunglasses not only make you look cool but also protect your eyes from the scorching sun. When your eyes are wide open, you can easily see what is going around. Use croakies with glasses so you don’t have to buy new sunglasses every time you go surfing. 

Boat accessories:

You can accessorize your boat in the way you like. You can add multiple accessories to it. 

Speakers: If you want to add more fun to your wakesurfing, turn the beat up with some quality speakers in your boat. 

Portable cooler: To keep yourself refresh always, use a portable cooler to put your drinks and water bottles. Nothing is more appealing than a chilled glass of water on a hot sunny day. 

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